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Being part of the solution

While I consider myself lucky because my professional life hasn't been much affected by the pandemic - it actually opened new doors, as many studios around the world started to work remotely - my personal life, as everyone else's, I suppose, was deeply affected. And besides all the troubles it brought to me personally, I feel very sorry for all the people who have had to face this nightmare in the hardest possible ways: the ones who lost their loved ones, the ones who have been sick, the ones who have been working day and night to get us out of it. So I am very happy to have had my first shot and to be part of the solution to get us ALL out of this. Vaccines only work when a large percentage of the population is vaccinated, so it's not an individual action, but a collective pact. Happy for having protected myself a little (still waiting for my second shot) and happy for having collaborated for my community and to the a covid free world. Here's to all the scientists, health care workers and public health services all over the world! Thank you!




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