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Brazilian Portuguese Voiceover artists represented on SOVAS Voice Arts Awards

Actualizado: 20 may 2023

Most people don’t realise that behind the voices they hear on dubbed films, animations, corporate videos, commercials, audioguides, etc there is a person, a voiceover artist who has worked hard to give the right emotion and intention to that project. It seems to be a common belief in society that voice acting is a job anyone can do, “you just need to get a microphone and speak to it”. However, the voiceover world is a lot more complex than it seems, and doing it well demands much more knowledge, training, preparation, dedication and ability that most people can imagine.

That’s why it is so important for us to see our work appreciated and celebrated all over the world. For the last 10 years, the SOVAS (Society of Voice Arts and Sciences) has been celebrating the best voice work around the world with the SOVAS Voice Arts Awards, which are also known as “The Oscar of the Voice”, and, for our great joy, Portuguese has been included in the awards since 2021.


I am more than honoured to have been nominated in both 2021 and 2022 for my work as a Brazilian Voiceover Artist in 3 different categories: Outstanding Commercial, Corporate and E-learning in Portuguese, having won the prize in the category of “Outstanding Narration – E-learning, Best Portuguese Voiceover” in 2021. I’m particularly grateful for having been represented with 2 works I’ve done for UNICEF, an organization I’m so proud to collaborate with.

It was for me a huge pleasure and honour to be nominated and to win the prize, but it’s also great to see my fellow Brazilian voice actors being represented and getting international recognition for all their hard work, dedication and talent. The awards are also a great opportunity for us to meet voice actors from all over the world and share experiences, perceptions, ideas, learn from each other and remember we are not alone after all, which is something we often forget when we are recording alone from our home studios. Thank you SOVAS for the opportunity and for giving visibility to the beautiful work of voiceover actors all over the world! And for anyone who needs a Brazilian voice for their projects, come and check my demos, it's always a pleasure to collaborate!

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